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About our Founder Simone Plaut

Simone commenced her health career in the late 70s qualifying as a diagnostic radiographer at the Royal Free Hospital.  Following a few years in Acute Medical settings, she moved to the Middlesex Medical School where she became involved in Radiation Safety, later writing her first book in the field.

Invited to lecture at several medical conferences on this topic she later moved into Health and Safety, becoming interested in preventing accidents and ill health rather than helping put people back together after they had already been injured.  She ran a hospital out patients department at Central Middlesex Hospital and was concerned to observe the way that many of the common ailments were treated. For example the patients coming in with digestive and bowel problems were never asked about diet or screened for food allergies, but were all given steroid medication and sent off to cope with a very difficult situation. She qualified as a health and Safety practitioner and was one of the first group in the UK to achieve Chartered status. She worked for many years in this field.

Having experienced the misery of an undiagnosed food sensitivity herself she started to see the power of identifying this kind of problem and the benefits that can be gained by eliminating a sensitising food from regular consumption.  Inspired by this she then studied naturopathy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, and then continued with a Masters Degree in Nutritional Medicine at the University of London.

Pulling together her diagnostic radiography knowledge, her safety practitioner insights and her knowledge of alternative and complimentary medicine and nutrition have been synthesised together to create a new field and a new profession: Longevity Practitioner.



We are assaulted by toxic substances in our homes, our workplaces, our cars and even from our own bathroom cabinets.

We are living longer, but have the miserable spectre of debilitating diseases, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure and cancer to await us in the future.

Navigating a way past these is what we would all like to think is possible.

I don’t have the answers but I do have some very valuable guidance to reduce risk and improve the odds.  None of these ideas come with a high price tag, and most of them will actually save you money.

Your genes may indicate that you are higher risk, but it is the way that you eat, and live that has FAR MORE IMPACT on your future health and function.