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    Welcome to Longevity Works

    Explaining how to live a longer, healthier, happier life. Demystifying the conflicting information out there and explaining some of the weird and wonderful things that make us who we are in our lives. This site offers clearly explained advice and tips on how to optimise your health. We do not sell any products because we want those using this site to know that our advice is not designed to market anything. We will however suggest what you may wish to buy and a list of various places from whom you can to obtain these items or products.

    What lifestyle changes are worth making to increase your chances of living a long and happy life, reducing the likelihood (or at least the severity) of degenerative diseases and deteriorating mental capacity and the misery that they can bring?

    What changes can I make to my life to ensure that I do the best I can?

    Naturopath, nutritionist and Safety practitioner Simone Plaut has founded a new branch of life style awareness bringing together many years of experience and knowledge of health matter, initially as a healthcare practitioner,( originally a diagnostic radiographer in the 70s), and evolving her knowledge as a health and safety practitioner, then eventually retraining in the noughties as an alternative/integrated medicine professional.

    This was done so that Simone could start making sense of the mountain of knowledge offered to us… much of which is explained one way in one newspaper and then contradicted in another.